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Magical gem: Two deities (A) Greek inscription (A-B) characteres (C)
US_Boston, Robert Schoch
Former Collections:
Int_Art market (Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.)
serpentine (green to black)
34 x 26 mm
1st–2nd century AD (CNG)
clothing: garment; clothing: kilt/pteryges?; figure, lion-headed; Nemesis?; plant: palm branch; rays (6); scepter, unspecified; throne; torch?; wheel
Divine Names & Voces:
Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί and variants; Δαμναμενεύς; Εὐλαμω; Ἰάω; Λαϊλαμ and variants; Μιχαήλ; νιχαρωπληξ and variants; σεμεσειλαμ and variants

Description: Upright oval, both faces flat. Shape 8–9. Serpentine. Minor chip at the top. From the art market, Classical Numismatic Group, 96, Lot 692.

A: Enthroned goddess (Nemesis or Isis-Fortuna?) seated right, holding staff (or torch?) in the right hand and drawing drapery with the left. Wheel at her foot. On the right, a lion-headed figure with six rays around the head, standing left, holding palm branch in his left hand and a tall scepter in the right hand. Inscription around the figures, starting above the base line on the left: δαμναμενευλελαμσεμεσιλαμιω|αχραμαχ|αμα|ρει|μι|χα||η|λ → Δαμναμενεύ (in vocative form? cf. CBd-388), variant of Λαϊλαμ, variant of σεμεσειλαμ, ιω, Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί, Μιχαήλ. Below the figures, inscription in four lines: νιχαροπληξ|εδεοψλελα|μξεμεσ|λαμι → variant of νιχαρωπληξ, unknown vox, variant of Λαϊλαμ, variant of σεμεσειλαμ.
B: Inscription in eleven lines: ακλανα|οαναλσα|ακραμαχα| μαρειμιχ|χηαελαμσε||μεσιλαμε|υλαμωαα|μωνιχαρ|οπληξμι| χαηιαω|| ιαω → unknown voces, Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί, unknown vox, σεμεσειλαμ, Εὐλαμω, variant of νιχαρωπληξ, variant of Μιχαήλ, Ἰάω, Ἰάω. (Transcription: CBd, based on the photograph.)
C: Characteres.

The Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. website on CBd-1317 (with a slightly different reading)


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