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Magical pendant: Jonah and the whale (A) Anguipes (B)
Do_Ex-Newell 40
Int_Destroyed objects
Newell 40
Goodenough, JS, III, no. 1042; Bonner, SMA D. 346; Michel, DMG, no. 2.4_2; Spier, Gems, no. 658
Former Collections:
Newell, Edward T. Collection; US_New York, American Numismatic Society ()
48 x 37 mm
Anguipes, cock-headed; animal: whale; boat; clothing: tunic; figures, male (2); gesture, orant; Jonah; moon, crescent?; nimbus; plant: trees (2); rudder; scepter, with animal's head on the top; scepters (2); snake; snakes (2); stars; weapon: shield
Divine Names & Voces:

A: Surface divided into two unequal parts by a horizontal line. Upper, smaller segment: coiled snake (?), and a tree (?) with two stars on its left side. Lower, larger segment: boat to right, with a steersman and rudders in stern, while a taller figure with nimbus, wearing a tunic, stands on the deck with hands raised in prayer (Jonah praying). A further figure is visible in the prow, also in the gesture of prayer. Slightly below the prow, a mummiform figure with nimbus being swallowed by a sea monster (Jonah swallowed by the whale). Behind the boat, a tree (?). Star at each side of the praying figure's head. Inscription above the prow of the boat: ιωναν → Ἰωνᾶς (acc.?)
B: Lower segment: a cock-headed Anguipes, head to right, left hand holding a shield, right hand raised. On each side of the figure, a tree (Spier: palm?) and a coiling snake, with indistinct stars and crescents (?), below, two scepters with animal heads, stars in the background. Upper segment, mound covered with a herringbone pattern; large star inscribed in a circle and two smaller stars.
Original gem accidentally destroyed (Bonner).

Bonner, SMA on CBd-1514
Spier, Gems on CBd-1514

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