The CBd
Newsletter, 22 November 2012

Dear CBd-users,  

We happily announce here the Newsletter of the Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database, which we hope to send out on a regular basis, with up-to-date information on events and developments connected to our magical gems project.

Much has happened since the magical gems workshop in Budapest in February, 2012. The number of magical gems on the open-access level of the database has more than doubled (with over 800 items accessible), and the upload of several collections have been completed (including that of the British Museum). At the same time, we have permissions to integrate magical gems from several new collections, and are currently working on material from the Skoluda Collection, the American Numismatic Society, and the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan, just to name a few. We are especially happy to include seal impressions from Zeugma, adding to our list of gems from archaeological context (see image).       

As for technical issues, we are happy to report that the database has greatly improved in handling high definition images (click on zoom, below the image, when logged in). In preparation for the second, online edition of Bonner’s Studies on Magical Amulets, the book has now been completely digitized and machine-encoded, making it ready for on-line display and electronic searching. The complete work is available here, together with the first sample chapter of the revised edition.

And some good news for the future: thanks to the ongoing support of Vacheron Constantin, the proceedings of the February conference are expected to appear next year, published by Reichert Verlag in Wiesbaden.

Happy (re)searching!

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