The CBd
Newsletter, 31 December 2012
Dear  CBd-users,

2012 has been an eventful year in the life of the Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database, with many new museums and collections joining the project and helping us enrich the online accessibility of magical gems (the current number of open acces gems is 870).
       A sure sign of success: by the end of the year it was not only CBd searching out magical gems, but also vice versa - magical gems started to find their way to CBd as well. We were both happy and honoured to be asked to include pieces from the Bibel und Orient Museum in Fribourg and a private collection in Israel.
     Besides pieces kept in museums and private collections, the database also aims to integrate magical gems that show up on the international art market, thus bringing these elusive items a little closer to research. As a first step, a number of magical gems from a recent auction at ArtRarities is now available in the database (thanks to J. Spier for the information).
      Some good news for database users: the pdf-function is now up and working, just click on the pdf-button in the top right corner of the datasheets and save. Don't forget that you can also save your searches when logged into the database by using the 'Save your search' option below the search menu. For earlier CBd Newsletters, check out our archive!

We wish you a very happy and peaceful 2013!
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