The CBd
Newsletter, 30 September 2013
 Dear CBd-users,

the database is finally back with more gems and more improvements. Among over 1100 openly accessible gems you will now find all the pieces from the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Numismatic Society, both with colour photography, thanks to Christopher Lightfoot and the excellent photographers of the MET on the one hand, and to Andrew Meadows and Chris Faraone on the other. We are very happy to include a gem from Augsburg, a rare example of magical gems found in archaeological context.

The growing number of gems has necessitated a more sophisticated search menu: it has now become possible to multiply search fields and conduct more specialized queries. For more details, check out our new tutorial!

We are also happy to launch another improvement, our My CBd service, which enables registered users to tag gems, create their personal collections and take notes within the database. Feel free to register and give My CBd a try - comments are very much appreciated. 

Happy (re)searching!
Last modified: 2013-12-18 14:30:29