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Newsletter, 06 January 2014
Dear CBd-users,

As we begin 2014, there are 1255 openly accessible gems in the Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database. The upload of three important collections have recently been finished: the ex C. Bonner Collection in the Special Collections Library in Ann Arbor, the collection of the Institut für Altertumskunde der Universität Köln, and the Skoluda Collection in Hamburg are now complete. Thank you for all, who have helped and supported us in this work, with permissions, photographs and advice! 
We are pleased that the number of full text references is also growing in the database, and are working on establishing cross-links between both the texts and the related gems (see, for example, the bibliography for ANS and Skoluda gems).
A new chapter has also been added to the online re-edition of Bonner's Studies in Magical Amulets: The Post-Antique History of Magical Gems by Erika Zwierlein-Diehl. We hope that many more will follow in 2014.
Some more plans for the future: we aim to put more emphasis on the physical examination and description of the gems. As a first step, archaeometrical tests have been carried out on one of the Budapest magical gems (see CBd-81 for the research report), a project we hope to continue this year.
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Happy New Year!

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