The CBd
Newsletter, 31 March 2014

 Dear CBd-users,

There are now over 1300 gems openly accessible in the Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database. We have recently started working on magical gems in Italian collections: all the pieces in the Musei Capitolini and in the Santarelli Collection can now be consulted online. The material preserved in an important private collection has recently been uploaded, complete with new photography. Work has also begun on the magical gems in GenevaNaples, and Berlin
We are again happy to include gems from auction houses: recent additions come from Pierre Bergé & Associés in Paris, as well as Peter Szuhay and Bonhams in London.
It is always a pleasure to acknowledge the contribution of many colleagues who are helping us turn the database into a tool for research. In the past few months we have been especially indebted to Ágnes Bencze, Véronique Dasen, Magdalena Depowska, Chris Faraone, Attilio Mastrocinque, Jeffrey Spier, and Paolo Vitellozzi. 
Thanks again, and best spring wishes to all,

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