The CBd
Newsletter, 16 February 2015
Dear CBd-users,

The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database entered 2015 with over 1500 open-access gems. Recent additions to our collections include magical gems from the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden, and lead amulets from the Netherlands, a little known, but important source group. All the gems in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology that were published by Bonner can now be consulted, as well as a unique piece: a Chnoubis-gem set in a ring – once the personal ring of C. G. Jung. We have new gems from the art market, among others from Christie's, the Classical Numismatic GroupGorny & Mosch and Peter Szuhay.
The database has also undergone some improvements: we have redesigned the structure of the search field for the gems' material (for guidelines, see the Glossary), and have renewed CBd's menu.
As always, we are very grateful for all contributors!

Happy (re)searching,

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