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Newsletter, 22 January 2016
 Dear CBd-Users,

The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database welcomes visitors with over 1750 gems in 2016. Last year we finished the upload of gems from the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin. The Berlin gems are complete with Hanna Philip's catalogue entries from Mira et Magica, which are available in full text, and most pieces are also accompanied by images of casts preserved in the Gem Impressions Collection of Cornell University Library. A magical gem set in an octagonal coffer from the Dauphin's Treasure at the Prado is now also included in the database. Work has started on the upload of magical gems from the J. Paul Getty Museum, with descriptions by Jeffrey Spier, and on the corpus in the Kunsthistorishes Museum in Vienna, where datasheets are complemented with Erika Zwierlein-Diehl's entries from AGWien III.
This is also a farewell note: from 2016, the Newsletters of CBd will be discontinued, but updates to the database will be available both at our News page and at

Visit us there too!

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